Make $10,000+ A Month With YouTube Videos Using 
The "2 Hour Formula"

Learn the irreplaceable skills to make money in the Digital Economy without wasting 4 years & $80,000 on a college degree.

Monetize your personality with "talking head" videos & start earning.

Stop consuming. Start monetizing.

The Economy Is Changing.

When AI replaces every job and everyone is unemployed, 
personal brands will be the only businesses that survive.

I’ve broken down everything you need to know into simple 
steps that even a complete beginner can follow, to learn the 
most monetizable skill set for the next 5-10 years.

No Speaking Skills Needed

50+ Video Program

No Edit Skills Needed

 Step-by-Step Blueprint so you can start writing & recording content as early as next week, even as a complete beginner.

 Insight Into My Monetization Secrets so you can make passive income while making content you're interested in.

 Full Access To 2 Hour YouTuber so you can generate 
a personal brand & income from scratch in 3-12 months.

What You’ll Receive

2 Hour YouTuber: Unlock Financial, Time & Location Freedom Today With The Proven ‘2 Hour Formula’

Most people love consuming content on YouTube.
But instead of getting paid themselves, they make other people money.

If you love watching YouTube, why not use it to unlock freedom?
It's the most profitable and fun, beginner-friendly business to start.

1.5 Years ago I started over from SCRATCH on YouTube.

I grew to 100,000 subscribers in 5 months, and 250,000 subscribers in a little over 1 year by writing & recording 'talking head' videos. 

This business now makes me $30,000 - $50,000 per month. I have tried multiple other ways to make money online, and this is by far my favorite.

Live the Creator Lifestyle.

All I do is turn my life experiences & interests into video content. I spend most mornings drinking coffee & writing scripts... then I record 1 or 2 days a week. I broke it down into a system that allows me to work around 2 hours per day... (but since I enjoy it, I usually work more then that). The point is, you have control of your income & lifestyle- which is priceless.

But why YouTube?

Don't suffer from "Broke Influencer Syndrome"

99% of TikTokers and Instagrammers are BROKE.

They get millions of views.. but only get paid pennies on the dollar.

YouTube always has been, and always will be, the premium platform.

This is why YouTube followers are worth 10x more than any others.

"Longform content drives a LOT more conversions & revenue than shorts."

Alex Hormozi, 2.3m Subscribers

And this is why ALL the big players are switching over to YouTube.

The Creator Economy has surpassed US $100 Billion in 2023.

Online Education is projected to reach US$185 Billion in 2024.

This is an opportunity you can NOT afford to miss out on.

 Longform is King: Shortform content does not make money because it only attracts broke people with low attention spans.

 Most Monetizable Audience: Creators make 50-90% of their sales & revenue from YouTube conversions.

 Most Loyal Audience: Shortform content is fickle and unreliable. YouTube builds a cult-like community & army.

 Cross-Platform Growth: YouTube is the Back-end for building Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Newsletter followers.

 The Only Platform That Pays: YouTube pays you direct AdSense revenue on your video views FOREVER.


Then Your Job Will Probably Be Replaced.

"62% of labor jobs will be phased out in the next 10 years."

Dan Koe, 668k Subscribers

You are unique. Nobody can replace your personality. 

But your job, your skills, your degree, your entire career.. can be replaced.

The sooner you realize this, the sooner you understand 
the importance of starting a personal brand.


You will learn 6 high-value, monetizable skills.


Write scripts, hooks & viral video ideas.

Bring your ideas to life with proven frameworks.


Speak confidently with authority.

Speak to the audience without stuttering or "forcing" it.


Perform on camera with authenticity.

Understand cameras, lighting and creating videos.


Grow your audience with proven tactics.

Use simple strategies to market videos, products & services.


Use persuasion and human nature to sell.

Connect with your audience without being "sleazy" or dishonest.


Make more money, while having fun.

Get rich by solving your audiences problems.

 You Don't Need An Expensive University Degree Anymore.

 You don't need $80,000 of student debt loans.

 You don't need 4 years of showing up to class.

 You don't need a job because you can create your own.


But using them together makes you unstoppable.

"I get $2m worth of impressions for $70k/month organic YouTube content"

Alex Hormozi, 2.3m Subscribers

The Future Is Online.

The 2-Hour YouTuber teaches you multiple skills 
needed to make money on the internet.

This is why it is the most VALUABLE skillset
that you can have in the digital economy.

School teaches you how to be an "employee"
and fill a role to make money for your boss.

..but why work for someone else when you can
run your own business and keep the profits?

That is the power of creating a personal brand
and building it on the most monetizable platform.


Become a "Monetizer" in 3 Simple Steps.


Join 2 Hour Tuber

Get instant access to YouTube Mastery & all bonus content.


Follow Our System

Let Denmo and the course materials guide you to success.


Get Results

Make YouTube content & monetize your personal brand.


You Have Two Options.


Course Access


One-Time Payment. Lifetime Access.

  • YouTube Masterclass ($597)
  • Niche & Audience Psychology ($1997)
  • ​Video Script Writing Mastery ($497)
  • ​Public Speaking & Vocal Training ($497)
  • ​Authentic Camera Performance ($997)
  • Thumbnail Design & Packaging ($597)
  • ​Guide to Making $10k/Month ($497)


Course + Weekly Calls


+ $99 per month. Cancel Anytime.

  • ​Socializer Course (Valued $7,273)
  • ​Viral Video Secrets (Valued $997)
  • Monetization Models (Valued $1497)
  • ​Talking Head Blueprint (Valued $497)
  • ​The Socializer Protocol (Valued $297)
  • ​The 2 Hour Writing Formula (Valued $997)



I started my first YouTube channel in 2008 (I was just a kid lol).

I started my first profitable YouTube channel in October 2016.
I started my first 'personal brand' YouTube channel in January 2018.
I started my first 'talking head' YouTube channel in November 2022.

The 'talking head' channel is the one that made me rich.

It took me almost 5 years to actually understand how to properly 
grow & monetize a YouTube channel to $50,000 per month. 

I wish I could go back in time to 2016 and know what I do now.. but
 I was WAY too stubborn and thought I could "figure it out on my own".

I created the 2 Hour YouTuber for my younger, ambitious self- 
who wanted to have fun, make money online and quit his 9-5.

Writing a YouTube script on a beautiful morning, as I look over the mediterranean sea.

This program is designed so that you can skip all of the time, 
energy, money and failures that I had to go through.. 
and quickly jump ahead to where I am now. 

Being excited to wake up every morning, making more than 
enough money, travelling the world, spending time with loved ones..
 and living a minimalist lifestyle where I enjoy working every day.



"The magic you are looking for is 
in the work you're avoiding."

Chris Williamson, 2.1m Subscribers

You can begin making money online, or go back to mindlessly
consuming content and searching for "the next big thing".

I have 2 college degrees. I've worked 15 jobs in 3 different industries.

I've already tried every other way of "making money online."

AI, Dropshipping, Amazon, SMMA, Automation, 
Crypto, Consulting, Copywriting, Growth Operating... 

I've even run ACTUAL physical businesses in the real world.

Nothing is as powerful and irreplaceable as a personal brand.

The "next big thing" is building & leveraging a YouTube business.


You'll Gain Full Immediate Access
To These 6-Figure Bonuses

Bonus 1: My “2 Hour Formula” So You Can Start Your Channel With Just 2 Hours Per Day

Want to be efficient with your time?

There's a simple strategy I use to get all my content written & recorded as quickly as possible. This allows me to maximize my output while minimizing my time.

When you join the program today, I'll give you access to my 
"2 Hour Formula" so you can start making YouTube content as early as next week.

Learn how to get more done in 2 hours than most do in 8.

(Valued at $497)

Bonus 2: Access To Viral Video Secrets

You could spend over 5 years learning all the little nuances and tricks needed to make your videos go viral and pull in a full-time income like a YouTube twitter nerd with 0 subscribers.

OR... you could get my secrets from an active YouTuber.

You see, there’s a repeatable framework even a complete beginner can use to consistently make viral videos.

This framework is what allows my students to predictably hit thousands of views with their channels from the get-go.

(Valued at $997)

Bonus 3: Monetization Models

When you begin to earn 5K per month with your channel, it will make you very happy. But do not get too comfortable here.

Because that's only scratching the surface of what's really possible. There are so many ways to earn money with your channel and personal brand.

From, brand deals, physical products, info products, affiliates and even running your own private community.

You'll receive my bonus Monetization module walking you through 7 different methods to skyrocket your income.

(Valued at $1497)

Bonus 4: The ‘Talking Head Blueprint’ Revealed

Many have tried to copy Denmo, Sam Ovens, Alex Becker, Hamza and many other YouTubers who look like they are simply "turning on the camera and hitting record."

That’s because they lack the subtle tricks and strategies we've been using to regularly get millions of views per month and convert viewers into paying customers.

I will give you ALL of those secrets including:

The exact copy & paste strategies that grew Denmo from zero to 100,000 loyal subscribers in just 4 months

Proven psychological triggers to grow a loyal & supportive community and dominate any niche

The power of persona and how to develop your own unique personality & content style.

(Valued at $1997)

Bonus 5: Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Unlike other people selling courses, I want to personally ensure your individual success.

That’s why I'm giving you access to weekly face-to-face coaching calls where I will answer all of your questions.

I’ll review your channel, videos and answer your questions live- so you know exactly what your next step is at all times.

No matter if you’re a beginner or experienced, I will guide you.

PS: This is the reason why there are only limited slots available for 2 Hour YouTuber- I can’t guide everyone personally.

(Valued at $1497)

Bonus 6: Private Mastermind Community

Inside our exclusive mastermind community you’ll meet students walking alongside you, starting at the same time as you, so you can walk this path together.

You’ll also find students ahead of you on their journey who can show you the way, plus me and other creators behind some of the biggest YouTube channels.

This is a place where we help each other 24/7, and push each other to greater success every single day.

(Valued at $997)


All Other Businesses
 Are Useless Without This.

Hey, I'm Denmo

I am different than a lot of the other content creators. Before I was a YouTuber, I spent years working in construction and small business. I launched my first YouTube automation channels in 2016 and started my prank channel "Jack Denmo" in 2018.

After billions of views and 5 years of viral pranks, I decided to start over. I created a new channel doing "simple" videos where I talk about my interests and help solve the problems of my audience. 

My "raw" video style became so successful- I grew to 250,000 subscribers in a little over 1 year, and now generate around $50,000/month, without the headaches of running a "traditional" YouTube channel.

The best part- I love what I do, and only have to work a couple hours per day. This is priceless.

"By 2025, all advertising will be spent on organic content"

All-in Podcast, 496k Subscribers


If you can do this, you can dominate.

 I have tried every other online business model. Sure, some of them work. But I always got burnt out, annoyed or simply bored. Even when the money is good, you're always looking for a way out.

Each and every time I ended up coming back to YouTube- because it is simply the highest ROI out of every other online business you can start. It is also the most enjoyable and authentic way for you to monetize being yourself, while raising your personal status.

 A lot of young men get pressured into feeling like a loser if they aren't making $100,000 per month 
at the age of 23. These guys mindlessly consume those "make 10k per month doing xyz" 
videos chasing the latest and greatest fad hoping to get rich fast.

I never understood why people are so tempted by "businesses" like this. 

I would hate the idea of starting an online business that I have no interest in, and having to compete with every idiot with an internet connection. At that point, you may as well go back to college- or keep your 9-5 job.


This is why I created the 2 Hour YouTuber.

 This program is not for everyone. It's for the writers, the creatives and the storytellers with experiences that you want to share with the world.. without being a starving artist. This is for the people who want to make money online, without doing something that you hate.

And don't worry- you might not be a writer, a storyteller or a good speaker right now

That is what the 2 Hour YouTuber is for- to teach you all of the 
necessary skills and help you find your hidden voice.

This program is not for people who want to "get rich fast".  This program is not for people who want to hide in the shadows and operate a business that does not show their face or personality...

The 2 Hour YouTuber is for people who want to create and monetize a personal brand 
on the BEST, most influential and profitable platform- YouTube. 

This program is for people who want to do it without spending more than a 
couple hours per day, and actually make money doing something you enjoy.

If that is you, than this is the right program for you.

Is there a refund guarantee?

The answer is NO.

Do universities & colleges give out refunds?

The answer is NO- Of course they do not give out refunds!

If a student ends up failing a class, that's on the student, not the university.

This is how life has been since the beginning of time.

And it's the same thing here with Infield Unlocked.

If you are reading this, you are from my YouTube channel.

This isn’t a random ad where you have zero trust built before buying a product. 
You know who I am ONLY because you have consumed many of my videos.

You know my advice has already helped you. Otherwise you wouldn't be here.

So you can only imagine how much better it is INSIDE the program...

That's why I'm saying NO to refunds.

This course isn’t for people on the fence. It’s for people who are committed & ready.

There will be NO exceptions. But why?

1) Personal responsibility is a value of mine- and should be a value of yours too. 

Stick to your plan. Don’t make a purchase and back out because you don’t want to put in the work. 
I only want students that have 100% certainty that they can afford this and are EXCITED to join!

2) This is a digital product. There is no way to actually return the product. This means there has to be a consequence for those that are trying to get free access and then go back to being a cockroach.

3) Guarantees are a just a marketing tactic. In the past, I have offered many refunds for the sake of confidence in purchasing a product. But after YEARS of doing this, the pattern is always the same. 

They didn't think it "was for them." or “something came up and I need to pay my bills.”

..And my personal favorite: “I put my information in and then my finger accidentally slipped! 
I need a refund before my parents find out.” 😂😂😂😂 Seriously bro!

I am no longer letting some idiot come in, take up me and my team’s time, use my courses and programs, and then request to get their money back, then waste me and my team’s time to process the refunds.

I'll leave it in your hands to create your own confidence in acting on the materials in this program.

If you don't want the results, don't buy the course. It is as simple as that.

I have full confidence that the material in this course is accurate- and you WILL get results.


 What is the "2 Hour YouTuber" and why should I join?

The 2 Hour YouTuber teaches you how to start and scale a YouTube channel that is optimized so that you only need 2 hours per day to run it. This includes writing, recording, editing and all of the other tasks required to manage it.

This allows you to free up your time and energy so that you can focus on creative tasks such as learning, coming up with new ideas and writing. This is the most fun and desirable part about being a YouTuber. You get to talk about what you want, without having to get stuck in the trenches working more than you need to and burning out.

 Is this program for beginners or advanced?

Both! This program is designed to begin with the basics and progressively move into higher level concepts such as monetizing, hiring, optimization and automation. Whether you are just starting out from scratch, or a business owner trying to create organic content to generate more sales conversions, this program will be perfect for you.

Everyone has a different situation. I myself have built channels to 850,000 subscribers and considered myself an "expert", which actually hindered my progress. This is because I was stubborn and thought I already knew everythingThe ability to learn new things and combine them with your current strategy is what will take you to the next level.

So whether you have 0 subscribers or 25,000 subscribers, this program will accelerate your growth and monetization.

 How soon will I make money as a YouTuber?

It really depends on how serious you take the 2 Hour YouTuber. I have personally optimized my business to run on just 2 hours of work per day. However, I enjoy working- so I often spend much more time than that, just because it is fun for me. That is the luxury of having an online business that you actually enjoy- it never feels like work.

When I first started on YouTube, I was willing to put in 8 hours on days that I didn't have to work my 9-5. I knew that the more hours I put in at the beginning, the quicker I could quit my job and go full-time on YouTube.

So it all depends on your schedule and how fast you want to grow. My first personal brand "Jack Denmo" took 1 year to hit 7,000 subscribers. But my latest channel 'Denmo' channel grew to 100,000 subscribers in just 3-4 months. This earned me around $20,000 AdSense revenue, plus another $30,000-40,000 in other revenues such as course sales, coaching & brand sponsors.

The first step is getting monetized on YouTube: This requires 500 subscribers, 3 videos uploaded and 3000 public watch hours. Within the course you will be taught how to meet those requirements in no time.

 Will you answer my questions once I join?

Yes, I answer every question within 2 Hour YouTuber School- the upgraded version where you get access to the private community and direct mentoring calls, along with other bonuses.

You will also be surprised to find out that many other students have VERY similar questions to you, which will make you feel better about asking for help. I strongly believe that there are no stupid questions :)

 What happens after I join?

After placing your order, you will immediately receive an email with your login details and a link to access the program on our platform. This will give you access to everything!

If you join the 2 Hour YouTuber School, you will be added to our exclusive community platform with a private forum, access to live calls and other bonuses! If you want more information than you can email us at :)

​  What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds. Colleges & Universities do not offer refunds because it is YOUR job to actually show up to your program and get the results, not theirs. It is also a personal value of mine that once you say you're going to do something, you actually do it.

This might sound harsh but it prevents people that aren't serious from joining. It also forces you to actually show up and do the work!

 I've tried other products before in the past... How is this different?

Most "YouTube courses" do not work. They are all "theory" and "fluff" and usually just reiterate the same old things like "you need high retention edits" or "make videos on this trend" .etc. They fail to focus on the variables and factors that actually matter. Most of my best performing videos don't have any edits at all. This is because the secret frameworks I am using do not require edits.

In addition to this, most YouTubers that sell a guide on becoming a YouTuber only teach you how to become a copy+paste version of them. I have run multiple channels in different styles and different niches. In 2 Hour YouTuber, I teach you how to succeed in different niches, markets and content styles if you do not necessarily want to do the same type of content as me.

I am not about teaching you what is "popular right now" or "MrBeast/Iman Gadzhi style edits". I am teaching you how to find your own voice, your own style, and monetize your own unique personality. 

This means you have no competition because you are only competing with yourself.

 Money is scarce right now, so why should I invest?

I used to be scared to spend money on education as well. I used to work brutal construction jobs so that I could afford college tuition. I ended up graduating with 2 different degrees- one in a skilled trade (drilling), and one in business marketing/administration.

Both of these ended up costing me tens of thousands of dollars and years of my time. Aside from partying and making friends, neither were worth it. I do not use any of the skills from them today. 

I was studying business around the first time I started my YouTube channels in 2016-2018 and was actually shocked how out of date most college programs are. For reference, they were teaching us about marketing via mailbox flyers and newspapers, yet didn't even understand YouTube or online video analytics. Imagine going to school for business without learning about the internet?

So yes, obviously this program costs money. But the reason it costs money is because it will make you money. You are getting years of experience, proven success and unique strategies and secrets that will allow you to create a profitable YouTube channel and enjoyable career. And like I keep mentioning, you can do this while saving a tremendous amount of time.

 How much time will this take? I’m busy with my job, business, friends..

It's up to you- that is what is amazing about this program. You can work around your current schedule and responsibilities like your in school part time... or burn through everything in a couple of days and start taking action right away.

I don’t care how busy you are, if you want to be successful with this program than you will find a way to make it work. And if you follow our instructions properly than this will take much less time than you think. 

That is the advantage of the 2 Hour YouTuber- it is built to earn more while working less. And when you join the 2 Hour YouTuber school, you will have to show up to weekly calls and complete homework. This will force you to stay accountable :)

 What inspired you to make the 2 Hour YouTuber?

I love YouTube and was obsessed with putting out the most entertaining content for my audience. But after months of almost daily uploads, I became frustrated with how much effort I was putting into content without getting my audience the results they desired- OR the results that I desired- and I knew something had to change.

I was burning out and it was effecting my video quality, views and sales. I realized that I needed to change my content strategy. So I perfected a system that allowed me to have more time to relax- which put me in a better state of mind and allowed my creativity to open up. This lead to less work, but better videos, and more revenue.

As far as the name: Tim Ferriss had the 4 Hour Workweek, Dan Koe had the 2 Hour Writer, and when I was a kid there was a popular caffeine supplement sold at convenience stores called "5 Hour Energy" haha. So I've always enjoyed the "x hour names".

Stop consuming. Start monetizing.

Jack Denmo Inc. - Copyright @ 2024 - All Rights Reserved